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Backstage Kitchen Bar at Providence, Rhode Island

The Best Restaurant in Downtown Providence

Located in the heart of the city's arts and theater district, Backstage Kitchen + Bar is one of downtown's most buzzed-about restaurants. Offering creative twists and local favorites, Backstage celebrates the city's thriving theater scene and is steps away from the world-renowned Providence Performing Arts Center and Trinity Repertory Company. Mix and mingle and enjoy a drink in our outdoor courtyard before catching a show. Sample one of our delectable dishes inspired by the creativity that surrounds us every day.

Breakfast at Providence Hotel


  • Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, 8:00am - 11:00am
Bar at Providence Hotel


  • Open Seven Days/Week, Kitchen Open 5:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Bar open until 10:00pm
  • During private events, our bar may be closed. Please call the hotel for additional information
  • Restaurant Accessibility Features
    • Fire Alarms for Audio & Visually Impaired
    • Service Animals Accepted
    • Alternative or Large Lettering on All Signage
  • Restaurant Parking Accessibility Features
    • We have accessible parking spots
    • There are van-accessible parking spots
  • Restaurant Entranceway Accessibility Features
    • The entrance path to the restaurant is accessible without stairs
    • The entrance path to the restaurant is firm and slip-resistant
    • The entrance path is free of objects protruding into the space
    • The restaurant has an accessible ramp for the entrance
    • The entrance ramp is non-slip
    • The ramps have railings
    • The ramps have sturdy railings
    • The ramp is less than 30'
    • There is signage identifying the location of the accessible entrance
    • The entrance door is at least 32 inches wide
    • The entrance door has at least 18 inches of wall clearance on the pull side of the door
    • The entrance door has a threshold less than 3/4 of an inch high
    • Restaurant has carpet with a pile that is less than 1/2 inch high
    • Restaurant has carpet that is securely installed to minimize tripping hazards
    • The entrance door handle is no more than 48 inches high
    • The entrance door can be operated with minimal force
    • The entrance door is automatic and takes at least 3 seconds to close
  • Restaurant Dining Room Accessibility Features
    • The restaurant has aisles of at least 36 inches between fixed seating
    • The restaurant has wheelchair accessible seating distributed throughout the dining area
    • The accessible tables and counters are between 28 inches and 34 inches high
    • The accessible tables and counters have knee space at least 27 inches high x 30 inches wide x 19 inches deep
    • The cashier counter is greater than 36 inches high
    • The food-ordering & pickup counters are no more than 36 inches high and/or have space for passing items to customers
  • Restaurant Public Restrooms Accessibility Features
    • The restaurant has accessible public restrooms
    • The restaurant uses pictograms/symbols and raised lettering on restroom doors
    • The restroom entrance doorways are at least 32 inches wide
    • The restroom entrance doors have accessible handles no higher than 48 inches from the ground
    • The restroom entrance doors operate with minimal force
    • The restrooms are wheelchair accessible with adequate maneuvering space
    • The restrooms have pathways of at least 36 inches to all fixtures
    • There is a restroom stall with adequate space for maneuvering a wheelchair
    • The restroom stall doors are operable with a closed fist
    • The restroom has an accessible stall with grab bars near the toilet
    • The restroom has toilet seats that are 17 to 19 inches high
    • There is space of at least 30 inches wide x 48 inches deep in front of the restroom sink
    • The restroom sink rim is greater than 34 inches high
    • There is at least 29 inches space from the floor to the bottom of the sink
    • The sink faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers can be operated with a closed fist
    • The restroom mirror has reflection surfaces at or below 48 inches from the ground

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