Add some inspiration to your weekends with our 'Discover your Passion' series that offers courses to fuel your creativity. If you've secretly dreamed of writing a novel, wondered how to compose the perfect photo or wanted to master the paintbrush, then these workshops have been designed with you in mind. Learn new skills with like-minded people in a city renowned for its arts and learning.

Do you have any suggestions or requests for workshops? Please email workshop facilitator Tricia Carter at tcarter@hotelprovidence.com. We are always looking for new ideas!


 Weekend Forward (Retreat) with half full, llc & Vintage Girl Studios

Title:  Rediscovering Your Inner & Outer Beauty

Date: Spring date to be announced!

Number of Attendees:  Maximum of 15

Who Should Attend?

Women who want to overcome insecurities, get a little boost in self esteem, elevate their confidence to the next level and get focused on what’s next.   

What Will I Learn?                                                                                                                                                                                      You will learn about you!  The Women's Forward was designed to shed light on barriers that often, unknowingly, stagnate our progress and prevent us from getting the most out of life.  Amazing opportunities exist for everyone, including you (yes you!), if we can learn to identify and ultimately let go of what currently holds us back.  Hear how half full, llc Founder, Rebecca Twitchell, navigated through life with a deformed hand and losing both of her parents far sooner than she expected.  For most of her life, while she appeared strong to everyone who knew her, she felt unattractive every day.  And after losing two of her biggest fans who supported her through any hardship she came across, she had a decision to make.  She chose to embrace what made her unique, build confidence and share her story to help others build their own confidence. 

The Weekend Workshops Will Consist Of:


4:00PM – 9:00PM

Introductions , Story Telling, Personal Development Workshops (beginning of plans)



Personal Development Workshops (plans continue), Photoshoot with Vintage Girl Studios, Celebrations



Personal Development Workshops, Review, Commitments on Next Steps (plan wrap up)

 What Will I Achieve?

 ·      You will discover what makes you unique

·      You will build confidence in you

·      You will feel beautiful inside and out

·      And you will walk away with a personal development plan outlining next steps

 Who Is Working the Forward?

 ·      Rebecca Twitchell, Founder, half full, llc

·      Krzystyna Caldarone, Founder, Vintage Girl Studios

·      Jolynn Baca Jaekel, InenSati Instructor

 What Will It Cost?

 $475 Per Person

 What Will It Include?

 Your All-Inclusive weekend will include:

 ·      Two nights/three days accommodation at Hotel Providence

·      Personal Development Workshops, Action Plan and One-on-One Coaching by half full, llc

·      Vintage photo shoot with Vintage Girl Studios (clothing, hair and makeup)

·      Food, drinks and lots of fun surprises will be given away

 How Do I Book?

 Please register on half full’s website at www.half-full.com/resdicover

 Can You Gift Rediscovery?

 There is no gift greater than empowerment and a restoration of self-esteem and purpose.  Everyone deserves a chance to rediscover their inner and outer beauty – it’s a perfect gift!  Email Rebecca Twitchell directly at rtwitchell@half-full.com and she will be sure to package this special weekend in a creative, fun and memorable way so that your loved one will never forget your amazing gift.

Why Not?

We all have something.  Insecurities can be as small as you thinking you have an odd looking little toe or as large as feeling like you will always be the one to get dumped.  Put yourself in a safe environment with other women who want to embrace what makes them unique and power through … and you have yourself an awesome weekend!


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